Insane Database Performance Optimization Techniques

database optimizationNothing is more frustrating than having a slow database, or even worse, one that crashes.  Today’s databases are required to store an overwhelming amount of information.  These databases are continually advancing and modern day databases are capable of storing large amounts of information which require tons of memory to operate properly.  However, as advances in technology continue the types of information that are stored on these databases also becomes more complex.  Information which requires a great deal of memory to store and operate properly requires databases to be capable of operating without too many glitches.  Therefore, it is imperative to have a database that is capable of operating quickly.  There are a number of ways of accomplishing this.  One of the most basic things that can be done is by database optimization for enhanced performance.  For the most part, this is a relatively easy practice that almost anyone can do.  However, for some of the most complex cases it may be necessary to allow a professional to perform database optimization.Below is a list of the most used Database optimization techniques.

Most Used Database Performance Optimization Techniques

Maintaining a Good Antivirus Program

One of the most important and most basic things that can be done for database optimization is to maintain a high quality antivirus program.  This is an essential step if any database is to be kept operating at peak levels for any length of time whatsoever.  Maintaining a high quality program that utilizes effective antivirus software will not only allow you to keep your personal information secure from potential hackers, it will also allow your database to operate much more efficiently.  Viruses or spyware can have dramatically adverse affects on the operating speed of any database.  This can vary from being mildly frustrating to being completely debilitating, depending on the type of database that is being operated and for the purposes for which it needs to function properly.  It is safe to say that the more complex the database is and the more information that is stored on it the more critical it will become to operate antivirus software as a means of keeping the database running smoothly.

Periodically Cleaning The System

Many computers are now designed to perform simple self maintenance tasks on a routine basis.  This includes running checks for potential viruses as well as cleaning the system, or running self based checks to rid the system of any unnecessary information which may have been collected inadvertently.  This allows a database to operate much more efficiently.  Over time databases tend to collect a great deal of information which is not necessary for the actual operation of the database or for the programs that are being operated.  It is important to periodically check the system for any outdated information or for any cookies or other information that have been picked up inadvertently over time which may be slowing the system down.  Doing so is is a relatively cheap and painless way of database performance optimization.

Updating Software

Not only is it important to guard a database against potential viruses and outdated information, it is also important to maintain updates on any and all software that is being run on the database.  Software is constantly evolving and updates are available for many different types of software on an almost continual basis.  This requires users to update the software on a routine basis in order to keep the system operating as smoothly as possible.  Databases which are being run on outdated software are not capable of producing information as quickly as those databases which have been optimized with updated software.  Databases can almost always be set up to automatically check for updates on the software that is being used.  It makes it rather easy to then install the new software each time an update comes out.

To Conclude about Database Optimization

These are just some of the best ways to perform database performance optimization.  It is important to keep databases current in order to ensure that they continue to database optimization techniquesoperate at an optimal performance level.  These simple steps can make a world of difference in the operating capabilities of virtually any database.  For those databases which are primarily used for complex tasks which involve utilizing software that requires a great deal of memory, these steps are even more important.  At any rate, following these relatively easy tasks will allow almost any database to operate more efficiently.So what are the other Database performance optimization techniques that you think can be performed.Please let us know through your comments on How to Improve Database Performance.


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