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windows8-logoMicrosoft’s operating system Windows 8 which was announced at CES 2011 and was released for users on October 26 2012. New Windows 8 PCs and Tablets are available in the market. Windows 8 brings many new interesting features to enhance the user experience on mot only computer system but also on tablets and Smartphones. Windows 8 has new touch interface and Microsoft’s Metro design with a different Start Screen. Windows 8 is fast and provides really better security than Windows 7. It was noted that Windows 8 is helpful in improving the battery life of the laptops and is proffered for touch devices. But there are some cons too like no Start menu and older Computers will not be able to run it.

In this article we’ll be talking about Corner Shortcuts of Windows 8. As there is no Start menu, but Microsoft has provided some shortcuts of clicking on different corners of the screen. These corners are well known as “Hot Corners”.

“Hot Corners” Shortcuts:

Top Left Corner: Move your mouse on the top left corner and you’ll see the Windows 8 Switch list. It is the list of all active and running programs and windows and you can switch easily between them.Active program

Bottom Left Corner: This corner is to access the Windows Start Screen. Just move your mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen and you’ll see a little thumbnail of Start Screen. Click to open it. Charm menu

And when you’re on the Start Screen, you can switch back to the Desktop Screen by again moving your mouse to the bottom left corner.

windows 8 desktop

Now if you click the right button instead of the left one while you’re at the bottom left corner, then you’ll see the Power User Menu. Power User Menu allows you to access the Command

Prompt, Computer Management, Device Manager, Control Panel, Programs and Features etc

windows 8 power user menu

Top and Bottom Right Corners: If you move your mouse to the Top or Bottom Right Corner of the Screen, it’ll bring the Windows Charm Menu. Charm Menu consists of options like Search, Sharing etc. and also Settings where you can shut your computer.

windows 8 start screen

So these were Hot Corner Shortcuts of Windows 8. There’s no doubt that sometimes we feel lost in Windows 8. The new User Interface may cause some confusion in the beginning. But if we see the other side of it then we’ll realize that Microsoft has provided us with a fast and quick operating system which allows us to switch between applications really quickly. Many users are definitely be missing the Start Menu, but the Start Screen will be more user friendly after you get your hands on it for some time.

Not forgetting that Microsoft has made some really good changes in Windows 8. It looks more cool and modern. You can customize the many PC Settings like Personalise, Users, Notifications, General etc. Currently three Windows 8 Versions are available: Windows 8 & Windows 8 Pro for x86 Intel/AMD and Windows RT for ARM.

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