Google Adsense Alternatives that Google does not want you to Know

Why do You Need   google adsense alternatives ?

I would like to share with you my personal experience.On a lazy Sunday morning when I woke up, to my surprise I found out that my Google adsense account was banned without any reason and all my earnings were gone.At that moment, I felt like cheated and did not know where to go from here.How was I to pay my web hosting and other pending bills ? But Instead of being depressed,  I made up my mind to search for the Best Google adsense alternatives which could give me peace of mind and would take care of my bills.Ans So I have reviewed some of the best adsense alternatives for you if you too have sailed in the same boat. There are really thousands of other advertising networks out there for you to choose from. Of course, you should consider only those that perform well, offer high CPCs, track on real-time clicks and pay just in time with minimum payout. Below are a few of the genuine, tried and tested ad publishing networks for you to monetize your blog:

Best google adsense alternatives that you can Try

1. Affinity :Proves to be a tough competitor to google adsense and also the first choice as a google adsense alternatives.I personally use affinity on this blog as I am satisfied with adsense alternativestheir revenue sharing as it gives 95% of the share to its publishers . While Adsense gives only 68% to its publishers. Another biggest adsense alternatives , BuySellAds share only 75% to you. In this way Affinity have come up with the most generalised Revenue share ever seen and i don’t think you will have a problem leaving 5% to them.There are two hassle free methods, one of them is Paypal and another is direct bank transfer and both of them eradicates the need to wait for that old postman.One of them is in Text advertising same as infolinks and kontera but better than them both in terms of loading of your page and earning. Another new and unique Ad format is ad cloud similar to a tag cloud based on the content of your website in various sizes which are easily embedded in your blog or website.

2. Adbrite

adsense alternatives

Update: Adbrite has closed its Operations  from March 2013  so instead You can check out Quadabra Banner ads as I have been using them on this site.

AdBrite, is now one of the best option of Google adsense alternatives, yet they do not provide such a large selection of advertising formats, like Clicksor and Google Adsense which is most commonly used. In addition, they provide a page with embedded links to a ratio of clicks, as well as an intermediate filled page advertisement, which offers a great way to sell all the traffic on your website, and not only traffic but clicks on your ad. They pay you very competitive. They are more loyal to the terms and conditions than Adsense and many other techniques for small publishers, including bloggers.

If you – the publisher, use AdBrite, to set your own rates for advertising, and approve or discard each ad that is purchased for your site, otherwise it will automatically show AdBrite ads. AdBrite allows you to instantly sell ads to their visitors by using link “Your Ad Here” (“Your ad here”), in addition to selling through AdBrite market and commercial group.Revenues are generally divided 75/25 in your favor. Through a small piece of HTML, is placed on your site, they are distributed as possible: planning, billing, customer service and sales. About half of AdBrite sales made from the market and business groups, while the other half received from users via clicking “Your Ad Here” (“Your ad here”) on your website.

While AdBrite can provide publishers with more revenue and better ads than traditional ad networks like Google AdSense, method of working side by side to obtain additional income from advertising, selling ads directly to your visitors – this is what other advertising services do not provide. AdBrite also allows you to choose your minimum price and gives you the ability to show alternative service announcements, such as Clicksor, when the price falls below the minimum.

If you’re using AdBrite on your Web site, you also have the option to turn off the “run-of-network ads” (“running ads on the network”), and AdBrite will display ads that have been taken to help prevent placement competitors advertising on your site. If you have no current ads then AdBrite will only show “Your Ad Here” (“Your ad here”), or other announcements of Adbrite.
From my experience when I sign up AdBrite and placing their code on my site, it takes day or two to show  there relevant ads. So if you see the message “Advertise on this site” (“Advertise on this site”) you will need to be patient and wait a day or two before the appearance of significant Ads.

3. Clicksor

Clicksor is one of the leaders of the current competition of small publishers as adsense alternatives. Their payments correlate with the market and reach up to 85%, and in contrast to a number of adsense alternativessuch payments for a click, their CPC are quite high, so you can get a decent income. Also, from my experience, far more acceptable than Google Adsense. Their terms and conditions, indicate that it is necessary to place a copy of their code on the page, but putting a popup or DHTML code on the page, you only think you can afford to place a lot of context-sensitive block ads on one site.

With Clicksor as adsense alternatives,publisher  has a big advantage, compared with a number lower than presented in this adsense alternatives that their ads do context-sensitive. Ex, as long as you pick up tags, their technology displays ads that are oriented to the content of your site. This means that the ads your visitors are given the same theme that they are looking for when they come to your site, and thus significantly increase the ratio of clicks through your site and, increasing the potential. Context-sensitive environment also saves you the time to accurately determine the tag of all your sites and decide in advance what people are looking for.

Internet statistics provided by Clicksor is not perfect, but it is enough for you to track trends in your site. They also allow you to add as many sites / domains as you want under one account. You only need the root page of your site. Once this is done, you can place ads on all your pages.

The schedule of payments, from Clicksor, much better focused on a small site owner. In any pay period when your income exceeds $ 50.00 ($ 20.00 with PayPal), payments are made either by check or instantly through PayPal ($ 20.00 minimum for PayPal). Revenue totaling less than U.S. $ 50 (PP $ 20) will be added in the next period. Pay period consists of 15 days, so you can get paid more often. Clicksor also do not need to indicate Social Security (SSN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), as it is ‘technically’ does not help an American site owners with their tax obligations, but make it easier for citizens of other country registration and their income opportunity as adsense alternatives.

4. Infolinks   is another adsense alternatives with an in-text ad network and works on script loads when your site is opened. With its proprietary algorithms, it matches adverts with your impact keywords in adsense alternativestargeted geographical regions. Additionally, it matches contextually relevant keywords, pulls related adverts using full page analysis and automatically highlights keywords accordingly. It offers a decent click through rate (CTR) and click per cost (CPC) as other major ad networks.This too can prove as one of the good adsense alternatives.



5. Ad Tools  by TrafficZ is a newer ,better adsense alternatives and a way to earn money from the traffic to your blog/website.Adtools is designed for content rich websites with significanr traffic.It is a adsense alternativescombination of highly targeted search and contextual advertisements.Adtools will help you to bring targeted vistors to your website/blog so that you get paid.Ad Tools is different from AdSense because it is composed of several different ad components. Each function’s technology is highly targeted, thus yielding promising payouts meeting or exceeding that of AdSense. Ad Tools combines contextual advertising, also known as content matching, an effective method of advertising in which targeted ads are displayed based on the content found within the page. It also combines two methods of search advertising. One method utilizes the custom search boxes within a web owner’s site and displays ads based on user searches. The second function displays results on the website’s page based on a search engine searches. We are excited to report that based on our testing and metrics, these search engine search payouts have been highly competitive with the payouts of AdSense.

To Conclude the above list is a tried and proven list of the best google adsense alternatives you can use to make money online.

You May also be interested  Why Google adsense account  Approval Tricks do not work. Please share through your comments which other adsense alternatives are you using?     

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    Nice one Joel, some of the ad networks that you have mentioned here are very rarely noticed. Will check them out. Thank you.


    • Joel Dhammangi
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      Thank You Balaji,You can Check Affinity and Adsgadget for good results.


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