3 Simple Ways to learn Programming in 2013

If you dream of being the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, there’s never been a better time to learn how to program. There are a multitude of free and inexpensive sites and services out there that will get you started programming and coding – and give you help along the way if you run into problems. Here are 3 Simple Ways to learn Programming !3 simple ways to learn programming

Sign up for Code Academy
Code Academy’s mission is to teach the world to code. And, just like last year they’re kicking off the new year by offering CodeYear, a specially tailored program for newcomers to programming who want to build either a game or a website. If you’re already a little more advanced (aka aren’t starting from scratch, are at least familiar with command line, etc) CodeAcademy’s tracks can get you started with a new language. Familiar with HTML but interested in learning Ruby? Knowledgable about APIs but curious about Python? Code Academy can help you learn the basics you’ll need to know before embarking on a larger project.

Try an MOOC course
Interested in a more intensive introduction to programming? Check out one of the MOOC courses being offered on computer science and programming. The EdX Introduction to Computer Science and Programming course will give participants a great introduction to Python programming — and it’s taught by some of MIT’s best. Harvard, similarly offers an intro to CS program through EdX and its course goes beyond Python to give you an intro to C, PHP and Javascript. Through Coursera, you can work on Stanford’s intro to computer science course as well. In short, if you’re interested in getting started programming, there’s nothing stopping you!

Go Intensive with a Tutor
Online computer science tutoring can be a great way to work more intensely on your code. An expert tutor can help you see where you might be making mistakes, give you advice on how to approach your project, and give you guidance on what to tackle next. A great online tutor can work with you on more than one are of programming too, so as you learn more languages, you can continue to work with your tutor on PHP, Python, Java, etc. The better they know you, they better they’ll be able to help! And, with an online tutor, you aren’t limited to someone who lives near you, so you can make sure to work with someone who really knows their stuff — and at an affordable rate, too.

Of course, nothing can take the place of sitting down in front of your computer and hacking away. But if you take advantage of free and inexpensive online resources, you can be programming a game, website or app in no time.

Do You know about any additional resources to learn computer programming please feel free to share them through your comments.Happy Programming!

Bio: Laura Oppenheimer lives in San Francisco and is passionate about online education. She also writes for the InstaEDU Blog.

Joel Dhammanagi is a Microsoft Certified Professional, a Technology Enthusiast and the Founder of Morningtadka.com

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